About Us

LA YOGA Magazine is Southern California's Premier Yoga Magazine. LA YOGA features unique and groundbreaking content, appreciated by our readers. LA YOGA is the only yoga magazine to publish a Jyotish, Vedic Astrology column and some readers report that the regular column is the first page to which they turn in the magazine. Our one-of-a-kind Ayurveda Q and A column, with rotating columnists, elicits questions written from across the country by interested and engaged readers.

In each issue, LA YOGA features in-depth interviews with leaders in a variety of fi elds,including Yoga, Ayurveda, holistic health, politics and music fi elds, such as Shiva Rea, erich Schiffmann, robert Svoboda, Gangaji, dennis Kucinich, Ali McGraw, dave Stringer, Wah! and Lou reed.

LA YOGA is the only yoga magazine that features bilingual articles. We have a section each issue that is run in both Spanish and english, growing the readership of LA YOGA and making the information in LA YOGA available to a wider audience. readers appreciate the inclusion of bilingual articles. Medical and health-related editorial in LA YOGA is written by experts in the field and is focused on evidence-based information or traditional practitioners, providing conscientious information for readers.